Racor Bowl Replacement Recommendations

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Parker Racor spin-on gasoline filters with clear plastic bowls or sumps have helped protect engines for over 30 years.

However, over this time period, petrol (gasoline) was gradually enriched with 10% ethanol, or E10 was introduced in some regions.

Racor has conducted extensive testing of the new E10 fuel and found that the drip trays remain clear and stable even after prolonged exposure. However, it has been found that ethanol concentrations greater than 10% result in adverse material changes, including loss of clarity, cracking and shrinkage, eventually causing the container to detach from the filter. In addition to the high concentration of ethanol, other factors such as age, temperature, ultraviolet light and various fuel additives (additives) can also adversely affect clear plastic bowls or collection containers.

If you are using the Racor models listed below it is important that you regularly check the bowl or drip tray not only for water but also for cloudiness, discoloration and warping of any kind.

A filter canister should last for many years, but needs to be replaced when there are signs of material deterioration. For example, bowls or drip pans made before the introduction of E10 gasoline should be replaced.

Affected Racor models:

  • B32013
  • B32014
  • 320R-RAC-01
  • 490R-RAC-01
  • 660R-RAC-01