Fuel Filters & Fuel/Water Separators

RACOR, a trademark of PARKER Group, is the leading manufacturer of fuel filter systems for commercial vehicles, agricultural and construction equipment and marine applications.

RACOR is the market and technology leader for fuel filtration in modern diesel engines with high-pressure injections. RACOR has filter solutions for applications such as truck and bus, construction equipment, marine, agriculture and stationary power generation. RACOR Fuel/Water Separators are known worldwide for their efficiency and effectivness in removing water from fuel..

RACOR has also pioneered closed crankcase ventilation systems (CCV filters). Beginning with a successful partnership of technology, filtration expertise, and customer focus, Racor released the first integrated CCV system for the diesel engine market in 1997. The Racor CCV4500 was the first of four CCV units that integrate several subcomponents:
• A pressure regulator
• Filter element,
• Impactor/pre-separator in the pressure regulator
• Optional bypass in theregulation valve
• Filter change indicator
• Drain to a remote mounted anti-suction check valve
• Inlet and outlet ports with variable size options

RACOR filters are produced under a quality and environmental management system according to ISO TS 16949 and ISO 14001. Almost all international car and engine manufacturers rely on RACOR to protect their engines.