Racor FBO Fuel Tank Filters

The FBO series assembly can be used in mobile fuel tanks or installed at fuel pump dispensers. The unit can also be used as a diesel fuel delivery pump or as a primary fuel filter/water separator for large diesel engines. The assembly includes a snap ring collar with which the filter housing can be attached to the filter head of cast aluminum with four screws. The mounting parts of the housing allow for easy replacement of the filter elements by one person.

FBO cartridges/water separators remove water and impurities and are the most commonly used version. Silicone coated filters remove particulate contamination up to a micrometer and can be connected to a fuel filter/water separator for a longer filter life. Water absorber filters absorb water and filter impurities from diesel fuel and other high flow streams. See FBO-14-DPL Fuel Filter Water Separator For Diesel Refueling Station

Find the correct part number by selecting the type of the subassembly (FBO-10 or FBO-14). Then select the cartridge type of the element (water separator, silicon-coated particle filter or absorber) and the filter fineness (1, 5, 10 or 25 micrometers).

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