Parker Racor Tank Ventilation Filter FLG50 & LG100 Now in Stock

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The next time you fill up your boat fuel tank, watch your fuel vent line!

A typical refueling will send up to 2 liters or more of fuel spilling overboard. Fuel spillage is not only expensive for you but absolutely deadly to fragile lakes, rivers, and waterways.

Also, USCG and other regulations prohibit the discharge of petroleum oils and fuel with civil and criminal penalties.

When installed in the boat fuel tank vent line, the Racor Fuel/Air Separator efficiently separates air from fuel forced into the line. Air is vented, and all fuel is returned to the tank. The Fuel/Air Separator captures fuel normally discharged due to agitation and thermal expansion up to 2.4 PSI (0.17 bar).

The Parker Racor FLG50 (for petrol) or LG100 (for diesel) Fuel Tank Ventilator/Filter also eliminates damage to expensive boat striping, labels, and protects finishes from fuel stains. The unit is maintenance free—there’s nothing to rust or corrode.

To learn more about the latest Fuel/Air Separators, contact the specialists at Car-in Automotive.