Car-In Automotive GmbH can provide multiple filtration solutions to a wide range of sectors, including automotive, aerospace, chemical and petrochemical industries, microelectronics, oil and gas industries, construction and mining, marine, pulp and paper industries, primary metal industry and power generation. Technically advanced process filtration solutions from Car-In Automotive partners like Parker help customers solve problems with air, gas or liquid applications in multiple industries.

Filtration products and precision solutions from Parker are used by over 450,000 customers in more than 1,000 markets around the world. Parker has been working with manufacturers of medical devices, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies for over 30 years. As a cooperation partner, Parker work directly with customers to develop and implement individual and customer-specific solutions.

Domnick Hunter, Zander Compressed Air & Gas Process Filtration Solutions

Founded in 1963, the Domnick Hunter filtration, purification and separation group became part of the Parker Hannifin Corporation in 2005. As a world leader in the filtration, purification and separation of compressed air and gases, Domnick Hunter designs and manufactures filters, air dryers, breathing air purifiers, condensate management, and ancillary equipment. Zander Filtration, a subsidiary of Domnick hunter, develop innovative filtration technology systems solutions for industrial sterile and steam filtering.

Parker Domnick Hunter and Parker Zander are at the forefront in the development of compressed air treatment products and other related technologies.

You can rely on Car-in automotive GmbH and Parker for innovative filtration solutions such as the Parker Zander HDK-MT Air Dryer, designed to treat high pressure compressed air and nitrogen gas, at pressures up to 350 bar with dewpoints down to -40°C.

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