Comfortable Safe Driving

Cabin filters also know as pollen filters, clean the air entering the vehicle through the ventilation or air conditioning system. A properly functioning cabin air filter prevents exhaust gases, bugs, dust, soot and pollen from entering the passenger compartment, thereby removing potential health risks to occupants.

This is especially important for allergy sufferers, asthmatics and children. In addition, the cabin filters protect the heating and air conditioning system from contamination, thus ensuring clear visibility and thus contribute to driving safety.

High quality cabin air filters are for these reasons the standard equipment in many vehicle models from almost all new car manufacturers.

The combi style or activated carbon version of a cabin air filter is impregnated with an activated carbon material to help eliminate outside odors from entering the passenger compartment. (The media of the combi version is usually dark colored while the standard or particle version is white). At Car-in Automotive, we offer high quality German made cabin air filters at exceptional prices.