Hydrocarbon Vessels & Elements

RACOR Filter Vessels and Elements Deliver the Ultimate in Protection and Reliability

For over 30 years, Parker Hannifin’s Racor Division has been recognized as the global leader in fuel filtration and separation technology.
Racor has expanded its filter vessel product line for refineries, pipelines, bulk storage terminals and airport refueling equipment. Vessels are designed and manufactured to ASME, API/IP and CE/PED qualifications.

The product flow range now meets or exceeds customer flow ranges found in most industry hydrocarbon applications. Racor vessels, combined with Racor filter elements, offer customers finer filtration, cleaner, drier hydrocarbon products and extended element change intervals. Extended change intervals offer more uptime and lower maintenance costs.

Racor is a qualified supplier of API/IP 1581 (American Petroleum Institute/Institute of Petroleum) and military standard aviation fuel coalescer/separators, API/IP 1583 monitors and API/IP 1590 microfilter elements. Racor aviation fuel filtration systems are used by customers worldwide to assure the delivery of clean, dry fuel. This same filter element technology is used to remove water and solid contaminants from diesel, gasoline, naptha, natural gas, compressed natural gas, liquid natural gas and other fuels before they are transported, stored and used.

Racor Hydrocarbon Filter Vessels and Elements