Fuel/Water Separators

Fuel filters remove rust, dirt, tank residues and other contaminants from fuel that could interfere with the operation of modern injection systems. Modern fuel filters protect the components of the injection system against wear and malfunction.

Therefore, a quality fuel filter is the primary line of defense against damaging contaminants getting into your fuel injection system. Clean fuel, free from contaminants, is critical for the smooth and efficient operation of your vehicle.

Specialised filters such as Fuel/Water Separators for diesel engines also provide the critical function of separating water from diesel fuel. (See our range of RACOR Fuel Water Separators for Germany). In any diesel powered vehicle water is one of the greatest enemies of the fuel injection system.

The adoption of Common Rail diesel injection systems, or Electronic Unit injection, by many diesel engine manufacturers around the world, requires the use of sophisticated and very high performance diesel fuel filtration. Therefore, modern diesel fuel filters must not only eliminate solid impurities but must also separate any water contained in the diesel fuel.

It is important to adhere to the vehicle manufacturers recommendation for fuel filter and fuel/water separator change intervals.