Fuel Tank Water Absorbers & Test Kits

Diesel fuel filter systems play a crucial role in the process of protecting the fuel system. However, modern diesel engines are particularly susceptible to contamination from fuel storage tanks.

The occurrence of impurities in the vehicle fuel tank such as mineral dust, corrosion products from the fuel tank itself, water in the fuel, organic particles and crystallized paraffin can never be completely ruled out.

Ethanol blended gasoline (petrol) and bio-diesel are also subject to contamination in storage and additional filtration solutions may be needed.

Fuel/Water separator filters from WIX ensure effective filtration of the fuel and excellent water separation. However, additional steps may be required to keep diesel fuel clean and free of impurities while in the vehicle fuel tank or bulk storage tank.

Car-In Automotive specialise in providing fuel filtration and fuel purification solutions, including diesel test kits, petrol test kits, water absorbers and more.