Wix Air Filter Technology

We are master distributors for WIX Filters in Germany and can supply air filters for both automotive and heavy duty applications.

The air filter in an internal combustion engine removes dust, soot, carbon, abrasives, moisture and other contaminants from the air before it enters the engine induction system. If contamination gets inside the induction system, even the tiniest microscopic dust particles can damage fuel injectors, cylinder walls, pistons and rings and lead to expensive repairs in a short time. Therefore a quality air filter is a critical component in prolonging engine life.

A quality engine air filter should remove particles of 3 microns in size at an efficiency of 99.9% and particles of 1 micron in size should also be removed in many cases at an efficiency of 98.5%. You should use only quality air filters as cheaper brands can be costly in the long run. A high quality air filter will ensure proper fit and tightness in all conditions and at a temperature range of – 25 ° C – 100 ° C.

No matter if it’s for automotive, diesel, racing, agricultural, heavy-duty or industrial applications, WIX is dedicated to producing the best performing, most reliable filters in the world. When you buy WIX filters from Car-In Automotive, you are guaranteed to have bought the right solution.