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Racor 140RS

Fuel Filter/Water Separator 2 µm

Fuel Type: Diesel
140A Diesel – Flow rate: 57 L / H

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The 140 Series Racor Fuel Filter/Water Separators feature a mounting head with 1/4″ NPT fuel ports for mounting directly into a rigid pipe fuel system. The replaceable spin–on element is simple to replace and accommodates fuel flow rates up to 15 GPH /56LPH. The 140R is the standard unit and the 140R2 includes the optional in-bowl water sensor and warning module package for 12 volt dc systems. The operator will be alerted when a high water level condition exists and servicing is needed. The Model 140M features a metal bowl and is recommended for petrol and/or severe service applications.

Replacement elements:
2 µm: R12S

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